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Best Anti Radiation Chip

Radiation Chip

Elecronic gadgets such as mobile phones, tablets, laptops, routers, etc. emit harmful radiations. Prolonged exposure to these devises can be a serious health hazard and may cause.

Risk to your Health

Lower Sperm Count

Brain Tumour & Cancer

Risk to Children

  • Remove the thin white protective strip from the back of the chip and paste the Save Life Mission chip just above the Center at the back of your Mobile Phone as shown in the picture.
  • Product yourself with Save Life Mission Radiation Protection Chip.
  • Fix the Save Life Mission Chip on to your gadgets and live a healthier and radiation-protected life.
  • Reduce the harmful radiations more than 90%.
  • Increase Mobile Battery life.
  • Reduce Mobile Heating. Reduce the major chances of Cancer & Brain Tumor by radiations.
  • World's best neodymium magnet to improve blood circulation.


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