About Us

Save Life Mission

Save Life Mission established in Ahmadabad, India is the Harmonized Energy product line, designed to increase your harmony and energy levels of human body every day. With very much research and development, Save Life Mission developed a best Anti Radiation Chip using quantum science, which corrects the effect of some of the harmful radiations and energy flows from Geopathic Stresses (Earth’s natural sources of Radiation) in our living and working Environment – Home, Offices, Factories, etc. Also, we aim to provide quality wellness products promoting a balanced lifestyle and an improved mind, body and soul.


The efficacy of this service has been validated with very much research and development, establishments where it has been implemented. Most of them have reported their feedback very positively with better human health and improved interpersonal relationships. These include Steel Plants, Refineries, Airports, Power Plants, Industries, Offices of Government, Private and Multinational Companies, Educational Institutions, Retail Stores, Hospitals, Hotels, Homes, etc.

Save Life Mission offers revolutionary wellness products, such as the latest Best Anti Radiation Chip, Cold and Warm Eye Gel Mask, First Aid Kit, Body Posture Corrector. With a focus on enhancing the human body’s energy systems, Save Life Mission products are vital companions to those who seek a holistic and healthy lifestyle.

Our products are being bought by individuals and also by many organizations for their employees and as corporate gifts for their customers. This serves as a very unique and effective way to say “We Care” for organizations and individuals who gift the Anti Radiation Chip to their colleagues, family and loved ones.